how to update iphoto library on external hard drive

Yes quit iPhoto and just drag the iPhoto Library from Pictures folder to your external drive and then double click the iPhoto Library on the external. If all looks OK you can then trash the Library in Pictures folder but you should have some kind of backup. ... More

how to change j1 visa to green card

After getting a J-1 waiver application approved (“J-1 waiver”), foreign grad physicians often wonder when to apply for the green card. In most cases, the time to apply depends entirely upon the physician and the sponsoring employer (or relative). ... More

how to cook perfect brown rice

The easy, no-fail way of how to cook brown rice that’s fluffy, tender and delicious! Brown rice is the way to go. I know some whole grains have a bad rap for their taste. ... More

icloud how to create an app password not showing up

New page pops up, scroll down to Security section, find "App-Specific Passwords", click Generate Password. Label it "Win 10 Mail", click Create. Copy that long password, and use that for your ... More

learnjcu how to create quiz

These modules also include Quiz sections where you can test your knowledge of the structures and injuries you have been reading about and interacting with. This will help to identify areas you need to focus on while also assisting to cement the concepts in your memory. ... More

how to clean bike chain rust lime juice

Salt + Lime: Sprinkle a little bit of salt on the rust, then squeeze the lime over the salt until it is soaking. Let the mixture sit for 2-3 hours and then remove the rust with the lime rind. This can also be done with a lemon. We like the salt and lime a little more … ... More

how to download from github android

Introduction. This open-source library contains classes that are useful for a wide range of applications using the Google Maps Android API. The library is under heavy development, but ready for use. ... More

how to clean retainers at home

When is the last time you cleaned your retainer? If you have had orthodontic treatment whether it be standard metal braces or Six Month Smiles from Dr. Gina Liggio Maestri, DDS, you should be wearing your retainer on a nightly rotation. ... More

how to add email icon to samsung s8 homepage

Samsung’s new TouchWiz icons are cool and all, but the company hasn’t exactly gone and made custom icons for every app on the Play Store. To circumvent this, it simply adds a frame to existing ... More

how to change homepage on safari windows

Most Mac users like to have complete control over their computer's settings. Whether it be the look and feel of the desktop and dock or which applications and processes launch upon startup, understanding how to dictate OS X's behavior is a common desire. ... More

how to avoid flatworms in catfish

Since first described, acoels were considered members of the flatworms (Platyhelminthes). However, no clear synapomorphies among the three large flatworm taxa - the Catenulida, the Acoelomorpha and the Rhabditophora - have been characterized to date. Molecular phylogenies, on the other hand, commonly positioned acoels separate from other flatworms. ... More

how to eat without a gallbladder

Life without a gallbladder Once removed, the bile is not regulated anymore by the gallbladder and flows directly and continuously from the liver to the small intestine. You can live perfectly well without your gallbladder as your liver continues to produce bile. ... More

how to pole dance for beginners videos

Dance Videos, Pole Fitness Classes, Pole Classes, Pole Dancing Fitness, Pole Dance Moves, Dance Gear, Pole Dancing For Beginners, Pole Dancing Quotes, Pole Tricks. Patty Yaconis. Pole me up. The Yogi Life. Standing Split Standing Yoga Best Yoga Poses Hard Yoga Poses Cow Pose Yoga Ashtanga Yoga Poses Yoga Pictures Yoga Photos Flexibility The Yogi Life. kasha 81. bEauTIful YoGa. X-Pert X-Pole ... More

how to achieve 79 in pte academic

PTE Academic: my story and advices for fellow test takers (My overall score is 87) Let’s have a look at my PTE Academic Test Taker Score Report first. ... More

how to come up with a thesis

What is a Thesis in plain words? Let’s try to come up with a thesis definition. If you have no idea how to write a thesis at all, and you want to learn how to write a GOOD thesis… ... More

how to carry in overwatch

28/12/2018 Guxue has the potential not only to carry his team from the main tank position but to set a standard for all other Overwatch League main tanks to follow. That is the depth of his potential. That ... More

how to drink muscle milk

Yes, cows milk is a complete food for calfs, not human babies, but cows milk is more similar to human milk than beef is. Reply has1823 on December 24, 2011 ... More

how to create a webcomic

The tool is easy to use, made even easier with the Comic Strip Planning Sheet, a printable PDF that comic creators can use to draft and revise their work before creating and printing their final comics. After completing their comic, students have the ability to print out and illustrate their final versions for feedback and assessment. ... More

how to change reddit look

Reddit; Whether youve Well take a look at how to accomplish all three below, skip to whichever section youd like if youre confident about what youd like to do. Since deleting ... More

how to change port from aircel to airtel

As an example, if you want to port your aircel number to Airtel. Then go to a nearby airtel store, show them the received UPC and with the submission of required documents, you will get a new Airtel SIM. ... More

how to build instagram followers as a photographer

In the Instagram community, failing to give credit can really irritate the artist/photographer if their photo starts being circulated with no acknowledgement of their work. And if that artist/photographer has a significant following, they can encourage their followers to fill your account with abusive comments or they can report your account for posting images that arent your own. Your ... More

how to have clear and glowing skin

Having a clear and glowing skin is a dream for every person. No one likes to hold pimples, dark spots, zits or dark circles on the face. Well, Here we are featuring 7 Home remedies, for how to get clear and glowing skin instantly, and that too naturally. ... More

in health-related services how to create a culturally safe environment

environment and to ensure that all health professionals acquire the skills and knowledge essential for the successful and systematic implementation of cultural safety principles and practice. NATSIHWA, through its membership, have identified a number of strategies as being crucial to enhancing and maintaining cultural safety in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander healthcare contexts: The ... More

how to become a freemason in australia

switch to the Australia edition Freemasons’ Hall, London. ‘No one joins the masons for the handshakes. It must be for the benefits it can bring.’ Photograph: Graeme Robertson for the ... More

how to draw the avengers team step by step

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes How to Draw Loki from The Avengers - Earth's Mightiest Heroes! Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Loki from The Avengers - Earth's Mightiest Heroes! ... More

how to draw a white fox

Royalty free clip art illustration of a black and white fox face, in drawing sketch style.. This royalty-free cartoon styled clip art picture is available as a fine art print and poster. Clipart of a Black and White Fox Face, in Drawing Sketch Style - Royalty Free Vector Illustration by patrimonio ... More

how to clean your jewelry at home

Please remember if your jewellery is precious to you dont attempt to clean it at home take it to the professionals. Christmas Fruit Mince Piecaken PIECAKEN!!! ... More

how to create a membership card app

21/03/2014 · Once the app is installed, look for an icon or menu command for the store’s rewards-card program. Many apps let you scan the barcode on the card … ... More

how to draw the letter n in graffiti

19/07/2018 How to Draw Graffiti Letters is an app that teaches you how to Draw Graffiti Letters step by step educational application for the kids. Learn to draw amazing 3d Graffiti with this app ! Like a personal drawing teacher, it will teach your child how to draw lots ... More

how to add a sound effect in garageband

Using just GarageBands built in amps and effects, were going to take a simple, clean guitar part and make it more interesting through the use of delay in the style of U2 guitarist, The Edge. The Edges delay technique has been at the centre of U2s sound for years, and its been adopted by many other bands for good measure. ... More

how to download and install swat 4

Unlike previous installments in the Police Quest and SWAT video game series, which followed LAPD SWAT officers through missions set in Los Angeles, California, the single-player campaign of SWAT 4 takes place in New York City, during the game’s then-future of 2008 to 2009. ... More

how to build a fire pit in your backyard

Types of fire pits . Ok, so there are generally four types of fire pits that you can choose from: 1. Chimineas. These fire pits traditionally have closed sides, … ... More

how to deep clean leather couch

Clean leather clothing or furniture with warm water or commercial leather cleaner and a soft cloth. Apply the water or cleaner sparingly to the cloth and apply the cloth to the leather to prevent saturating the leather. Make sure the leather is dry before continuing. ... More

how to become a piercer in oregon

Students come from all over the state to become Oregon certified tattoo artists at Anchors and Ink. The program is 16 weeks long. In addition to Oregon tattoo certification, Anchors and Ink also offers microblading and permanent makeup programs. Anchors and Ink has already certified a number of Bend tattoo artists and microblade professionals, increasing the skills of talented artists within ... More

how to create research questions from data

Yes, it’s work to create a research report, but it’s not as hard as you might think. Let’s look at why research is so successful and some examples of how it fits into a content marketing mix. Let’s look at why research is so successful and some examples of how it fits into a content marketing mix. ... More

how to cut 45 degree angles on gutters

On a miter saw, when you're cutting a 90 degree cut, the miter saw reads zero. On a protractor, it reads 90. So it's an unending source of confusion for people. On a protractor, it reads 90. So it's an unending source of confusion for people. ... More

how to cook tom yum paste

19/08/2015 · But, in this case, the name of your soup will change into 'Tom Yum Kung Num Sai' (light soup). - To simply make the soup more colorful, add some Thai chili paste in it. #tomyumkung ... More

how to clean the kitchen fast wikihow

23/08/2017 I'm showing you how I DEEP CLEAN my kitchen without dreading it! I do this by moving fast and breaking it up into two parts. This first part of deep cleaning will show you how I deep clean ... More

how to rebuild a drive shaft cv joint

29/06/2015 · I was getting some driveline popping and grinding last month so I took out my front drive shaft which eliminated the noise. I have a U-joint at the differential and a CV/rzeppa on the t-case side. ... More

how to buy polybius token in australia

Polybius has announced that 20 percent of redistributed profit will be proportionally distributed among token holders at the end of each financial year. All the eyes are on the ICO now that is aimed to raise the targeted amount of $25 million. ... More

how to cook perfect rice in rice cooker

I have a rice cooker. I usually wash the rice briefly in cold water (though some varieties of rice specifically say not to wash it), then add cold water to it in the rice cooker ... More

how to connect power to.things in.fallout 4

I actually built mine on the roof. However, there was a catch: the two base pieces wouldn't snap if I built on the roof. What I ended up doing was putting the pieces on the ground, snapping them together, then dragging the entire setup to the roof by holding the Activate button instead of pressing and releasing. ... More

how to create a cms in visual studio

21/07/2014 · Setting up Umbraco with Visual Studio Umbraco is a very powerful, very flexible, open-source CMS for .NET.It is a great tool when developing web sites and even services for things like mobile apps but, like with every new tool, it takes some time and effort to learn how to use it properly. ... More

how to change passport to married name

If you’re planning to change your passport from your maiden name to your married name, here’s a simple guide for you. Step 1: Set an online appointment You have to schedule an appointment online through the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) website except if you qualify for the Courtesy Lane. ... More

how to build a moth sailboat

He’s been building build boats since he was a teenager and is currently building his 42nd boat! Phil is a stalwart of the Moth class in Australia and the Aussie home build King. His current project is a Moth with a single piece wing mast due to be launched as soon as … ... More

how to answer incoming call on moto e

I have found that when calls are going straight to voicemail, if I go into phone settings then out of it, incoming calls do ring, proving that signal strength in builiding is not the issue here. However, a little while later, if I ring my iphone again, then that call goes straight to voicemail. ... More

wish com how to cancel the wish.com.au

Wish Reviews 7,728 • Poor ago. i contacted wish and they said i would get my order by nov 3. they're fraud not even letting me get a refund or cancel the order. i have messaged them several times but they havent replied. never buy from wish!! ... More

how to connect lg bluetooth headset to xbox 360

These are the steps on how to pair HM1000 headset to LG-p690. * In HM1000 Hold the call button for 3-5 seconds till it blinks means ready pair. * In Lg-p690 got to settings, then network, Bluetooth then, Search for pair devices. ... More

justhost how to connect to the website media

Bring Your Own Media. RELATED: Why You Should Connect a PC to Your TV (Don’t Worry; It’s Easy!) There are some good free software packages for this, but you’ll need to bring your own media. ... More

how to create visualizations for music

Impress is a jQuery plugin that uses CSS3 functionality to create beautiful presentations. All modern browsers support the stunning visualizations created by this plugin. ... More

how to become a computer programmer in india

Payscale.com says the top 25 percent of computer programmers average (not including bonuses) $79,502 per year, while the comparable number for senior software engineers is $121,348. SalaryList.com , which purports to scan real jobs, shows the highest computer programmer/developer salary to be $109,000. ... More

how to become an editor without a degree

Most editors have at least a bachelor's degree, usually in English, literature, or journalism. Some have graduate degrees , but its not a requirement. More important than the specifics of your education are a passion for reading and an aptitude for editing. ... More

how to draw a realistic cute animals

Home / Drawing tutorials / Animals / How to draw a Realistic Cat. How to draw a Realistic Cat. Grid step. You can print out the base construction lines and start drawing on tracing paper or you can draw the grid layout yourself using the following steps Show more. 1) Draw a rectangle that will define the conditional proportions and boundaries of the chosen drawing. 2) From the middle of the ... More

how to come off micardis

The first month coming off is a bit weird as your body is coming out of synthetic hormone suspense but with your own little blighted kicking in as well and your body and brain trying to get back to an even keel but I will never, ever touch this stuff again. I’m now using the persona monitor and fertility friend app and good grief, at my age I’ve never known my body better. 🙂 oh and the ... More

how to change the lock code on my galaxy s5

Solution 1: Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5 Lock Screen with dr.fone If you accidently get your Samsung Galaxy S5 screen locked, no matter you forgot the pin/patter/password, or your children entered the wrong password too many times, don't panic. ... More

how to clean up car battery acid spill

If you spill battery acid see the emergency procedures below. Keep tools and other metallic objects (including jewelry) away from the tops of batteries. Cleaning battery terminals using a Rinse off your gloves well before removing them. Then rinse the apron to remove any battery acid that may have contaminated it. Wash yourself with soap and water immediately after servicing a battery ... More

tr legend screen resolution how to change

28/07/2015 · In this Article: Control Panel Method (recommended) Safe Mode Method Patch method Community Q&A. You might have an old copy of Tomb Raider (be it the original Tomb Raider from 1996, Tomb Raider II from 1997, Tomb Raider III from 1998 and so on) and you want to play it again. ... More

how to become a federal officer

Federal Air Marshals are federal law enforcement officers and must therefore adhere to federal employment guidelines. Candidates for Air Marshal jobs must be United States citizens, and they must be between the ages of 21 and 36 or have prior federal civilian law enforcement experience. ... More

how to catch a amfieons

Erasmus Amiens 2016 / 2017 (English) Welcome to the forum for Erasmus Amiens 2016 / 2017! This is the place where Erasmus students, or any exchange students, that are headed for Amiens in 2016 / 2017 can introduce themselves and get to know one another before they arrive. ... More

how to buy iphone 5s on emi

Iphone 5s without credit card emi Can i get a valid credit card number that works but doesn`t need money. i need a valid credit card information in order to complete this website sa... I updated my credit card details to my itunes store on my iphone but immediately after that inr 60 got deducted from my credit card account. can i kno ... More

how to change description position on wix

3/04/2011 Whilst clause 1(b) referred to duties set out in a position description attached as schedule A, no document answering this description was ever created. ... More

how to catch a bird

Watch video How To Catch a Bird is a stop motion short based on a childhood memory. It's the graduation film I made for my masters in animation at AKV St. Joost Breda. ... More

how to cook crawfish on the stove

How to Boil Crawfish One Recipe for the Perfect Crawfish Boil Boiling crawfish is a Cajun tradition, an event and social gathering not to be rushed, but to be enjoyed with family and friends! ... More

how to connect mysql database in php using xampp

IMPORTANT: In order for the database connection to work, you will need to create the database, add the database user, and be sure that you attach a MySQL user to the database before attempting to run the script on the server. ... More

how to clean range hood filters in dishwasher

When it comes time for a good cleaning, range hood filters may be removed and soaked in a degreasing solution until the grease is dissolved. Wash them in soapy water to remove any traces of the degreaser. Also, a filter may be put in the upper rack of the dishwasher and run through a normal cycle. ... More

how to call australia from jakarta

Arriving travelers with Visa-On-Arrival status have to go first to one of the 'VoA Counters' to pay the appropriate fee and have their passports stamped with the VoA before proceeding to ... More

how to download maps for arma 2

Download $ 2.59 PC Game offers a free review and price comparison service. PC Game is not an official representative nor the developer of this videogame. ... More

how to draw fireman sam step by step

Booktopia Bookshop search results for 'drawing'. The items we may sell online for these products are books, paperback, hardback, audio cds or cassettes, large print, mp3 and whatever format is available for us to sell online. We are based in Sydney, Australia and ship all over the world. Buy your books and related items online with Booktopia ... More

how to buy gas at costco

29/08/2012 The real reason why you should buy gasoline in the morning is because often between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m., gas station managers and owners get around to ... More

how to delete your warframe

Okay, now let's say you have either a free Pandora account that you wish to delete or a paid account that you want to revert back to a freebie. With a free plan, click on your account image at the ... More

how to cook bbq beef in the oven

20/05/2016 · The easiest oven-baked beef ribs recipe you’ll ever find. All you need is two ingredients, one hour, and a whole lot of napkins. Looking for more summer favorites? Try my Tri-tip in the Oven, S’mores Cupcakes, and Slowcooker BBQ … ... More

how to create a playstation network account

@Colin is correct the account with the games downloaded needs to be the primary account on the system. But for the secondary non PSN+ accounts, access to on-line features is hit-or-miss currently. But for the secondary non PSN+ accounts, access to on-line features is hit-or-miss currently. ... More

how to change address of registered car qld

6/11/2011 · Halfway To Heaven writes... Unfortunately regarding the vehicle I've not owned it for 12 months. I'll have to do the figures to see if it is cheaper to have it inspected and WA register it or keep it registered in QLD for 12 months. ... More

how to create iphone app in phonegap

I was able to make a build in PhoneGap Build for Windows, but it only gives me a .xap file. Windows Dev Center tells me Windows Dev Center tells me You can upload only .appx, .appxbundle or .appxupload files. ... More

how to clean a glass downstem

The SMOKEA replacement glass on glass downstem diffusers are made with high quality glass ground joints. The downstem features a 14mm male ground joint and 14mm female bowl joint. Each downstem is diffused with several slits at the bottom of the stem. Available in several lengths. ... More

how to change skins on fx sound

13/04/2013 · VirtualDJ 7.4 Pro 2016 Crack + 91 Video Effects,101 Skins, 986 Samplers y 257 Sound Effects - Duration: 5:30. HUMBOLDT9999 246,792 views ... More

how to add gst to amount

16/06/2018 · Hi I have this table and I need to add 10% GST and CPI of 3.1%. I know adding 10% to rent of 7300 equals 8030. Then I'm lost - do I need to add GST to year 2 … ... More

how to create spherical photos internally

In this course, you'll learn how to capture, create, and use panoramic photos that can be seamlessly integrated into After Effects. These techniques are straightforward and easy to implement, yet lead to a huge boost in the quality and appeal of your work. ... More

learn how to build a website course

Learn About Affiliate Website Building Step-by-step: Building a Basic Web Page The aim of this lesson is to show you a step-by-step guide to building a basic webpage. ... More

how to create a table of figures in word

This makes my table of figures very awkw... Stack Exchange Network Stack Exchange network consists of 174 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow , the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. ... More

how to connect ps4 controller to mac without usb

Your PS4 controller is now paired with your Mac computer. Apart from via Bluetooth, a PS4 controller can also be interfaced to a Mac computer via USB. [source: GottaBeMobile ]. ... More

how to build collaborative relationships at work

As project managers, we can shape a collaborative culture by building relationships with project managers in other departments by setting the tone and lead by example. ... More

how to clean up asbestos dust

To find the most reliable information about the safe removal of asbestos dust, you should first consult the EPA website on the matter. At epa.gov you will find many valuable resources pertaining to asbestos, namely, how to locate it, its dangers and what to do after you find it. ... More

far cry 5 how to get weapon back after mission

For Far Cry 5 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Stuck in shooting gallery mission.". ... More

how to draw a bra step by step

Step 9 Draw a shallow upward curve from point A to point G - this is the back neck line. To draw the curve, if you don't own a French Curve (an extremely useful instrument for pattern making), you may use a … ... More

how to download more than 6 files in firefox

If you use Firefox. Firefox users have Below, the filtering options let you choose certain kinds of files (e.g. videos or images), or something more specific like *.mp3 for all MP3 files. If you want to get really specific, you can check "Reg. Exp." to select files with a regular expression. At the top of the dialog you can also choose "Pictures and Embedded" to instead see a list of all ... More

how to change a network from public to private

... More

how to delete a message you sent on facebook inbox

5/01/2011 · I think they all getting it wrong.U can easily delete ur send message from facebook.No big deal.Just click on msgs which will be on the left side of ur browser.Click on message and there is an option of "sent" under it.Click on sent and from there u can see.Click on the desired msg u want to delete and delete it from the top of the msg. ... More

how to clean ceramic tile

Additionally, if you find yourself cleaning ceramic tiles often, consider having them sealed. This will increase the durability and stain-resistance of the tiles, though won’t remove the need for regular cleaning altogether. ... More

how to cut up a whole raw chicken

Buying a whole chicken rather than individual breast and thigh pieces is usually better value for money. So if the effort of cutting up a whole bird is the only thing putting you off, you need to ... More

how to change application icon windows 7

How to Change an Application Icon. 06/16/2016; 2 minutes to read Contributors. In this article. You can use the following procedure to change an icon associated with the selected application directly from the Results pane of the Application node in the Application Virtualization Client … ... More

how to change orientation of one page in google docs

Creating Navigation Links on the page You can also create a set of links to other pages quite easily using the link tool. Click into an empty part of the page where you want to display your links - normally at the top or bottom of the page. ... More

how to cook a chicken schnitzel in the oven

Easy to put together earlier in the day then pop in oven 30mins before needed. You could call this Pizza Style Schnitzel!!! Makes a great change from crumbed. You could also use chicken or pork schnitzels in place of beef. ... More

how to cut correct sashimi

Sashimi For the ultimate homemade sushi fanatic, the sashimi knife is the pros choice. Flat ground on one edge for superior edge holding capability and an even, flat cut, itll turn sushi-making into a dream. ... More

how to create a kindle ebook

Its quite easy to create and publish Kindle Paperback and eBook by your own. This step by step guide will help you to create and publish your first Amazon Kindle eBook and Paperback with ease. ... More

how to detect earth leakage

Earth Leakage Relay (Variable) - Type A q 44mm (2.5 modules) wide DIN rail housing q Designed to monitor and detect true RMS earth fault currents (up to 30A) in conjunction with a separate toroid ... More

how to create vfiler in netapp

Hi Experts, we are using a NETAPP storage in 7 mode. Most of the storage is connected via NFS. But now I have to create some LUNs over iSCSI to use it for my EXCHANGE server. ... More

how to become a famous singer in australia

Looking for Engineering opportunities in Australia? There are currently 24,382 Engineering job openings in Australia*. The average salary for an Engineering job in Australia is $111,493. ... More

how to download videos from hotstar site

There is a site called fetch file, by using that site you can download videos from hotstar. It is one of the convenient method to download videos from hotstar. It drawback all the features which provided by hotstar. That mean, you can download in any desired folder, you can play those videos using any video player, you can even share those videos and also you may delete. ... More

how to draw a cardboard fidget spinner

Paper, How To Make A Paper Fidget Spinner Without Bearings!, Amazing Papercut Art by Parth Kothekar, How to Draw 3D Steps in a Hole - Line Paper Trick Art, Flores Gigantes de Papel de Seda - DIY - Huge Tissue Paper Flowers, How to make (paper Ben 10 ... More

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how to clear a defect

Open up the Defect details page; Click on More and then Delete; Good to Know! You will need the Delete Defects permission to be able to perminantly delete Defects

how to draw chibi robot from lost in space

Metal Robot I Robot Robot Jouet Vintage Space Vintage Tins Robot Images Japanese Robot Vintage Robots Cool Robots Forwards What's great in regards to the robot Wall-E is it is similar to having the character in the movie in your residence.

how to make a catalogue free download

A NEW DISTINCTIVE BUSINESS PLATFORM - HTML5 Digital Catalog Software! PUB HTML5 self Digital Catalog Software solution is a web-based software that allows you to take your static PDF documents and create interactive digital editions that are at your customers finger tips!

how to detect frames per second in counter strike source

In fact, Counter-Strike: Source, the upgraded version of Counter-Strike built on the Half-Life 2 engine, will be the only multiplayer game type included with Half-Life 2.

how to play far cry 4 multiplayer lan

The creative director for Far Cry 4 explained how the game will let those who don't own the game participate for free in co-operative multiplayer with a friend who does.

how to download on iphone

Leawo iTransfer is also powerful in transferring iPhone Libraries among iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod), iTunes and PCs without synchronization. The following guidance will show you how to backup iPhone apps to computer with Leawo iTransfer, you can free download this software and try it:

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Northern Ireland: Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Bangor NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Bangor NIR, Derry(Londonderry) NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 1H4

Scotland: Paisley SCO, East Kilbride SCO, Glasgow SCO, Kirkcaldy SCO, East Kilbride SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 2B9

Wales: Swansea WAL, Cardiff WAL, Cardiff WAL, Barry WAL, Wrexham WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 8D3